Feuchtigkeitspflege - KovaLine Human


The daily moisturizer

Is your skin dry and in need of extra care and moisture?

For very dry and scaly skin, we recommend that you use
KovaLine Human Ointment 150 ml. (the green one below). It is made from pharmaceutical grade oil and beeswax. Without water, perfume and preservatives.
Long lasting - It is very oily therefore you only have to apply a very thin layer.

For dry and rough skin that has lost its shine and elasticity, we recommend that you use our new hand care every day (which can be used on the entire body)
KovaLine Instant Intensive Hand Care 50 ml. (The light green below) It is free of water, perfume and preservatives. Contains pharmaceutical grade oil, golden drops rich in vitamin B from our Danish rapeseed fields and beeswax. Quick absorbent and moisturizing.

If there are visible signs of dead skin cells, you can use our
KovaLine Human+ Wipes in combination. They make a gentle exfoliation of the dead skin cells and leave a protective care membrane. First wash with KovaLine Human+ Wipes then apply a thin layer of your chosen ointment. Then your skin will sparkle of wellness.

Contact us if you are in doubt of which product that is best for you.


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