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Empfindliche Haut

Delicate & Sensitive Skin is a sign of imbalance. Whether you have impure skin, hormonal disorders, eczema, etc. then it is important to care for your skin on a daily basis without perfume and preservatives as these can make the imbalance worse.
Always make sure to drink plenty of water every day. Eat varied so that you are covered with nutrition and vitamins.

KovaLine Human can help you with your daily skin care. Without perfume and preservatives.

For eczema (psoriasis, atopic etc.) - KovaLine Human+ Ointment (the pink below): It is made from pharmaceutical grade oil, salts with minerals and beeswax. Free of water. The ointment has a soothing effect on the skin. The salts have a noticeable effect on scaly skin layers and redness, while reducing itchiness and skin irritation. We recommend that you care your face morning and evening.
You can use KovaLine Human+ Wipes in combination in the evening before applying the ointment.

For Impure Skin (Hormonal Disorders) - KovaLine Human+ Wipes are made for natural exfoliation, salts with minerals and nourishing oils. Without perfume and preservatives. They cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and remove dead skin cells in the same process. The salts also have a mild antibacterial effect.
There are 100 Wipes in a bucket enough for 100 days.


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