KovaLine - Natural Sun Protection

KovaLine - Sun Protection

KovaLine - Natural Sun Protection

It is important to take care of our animals in the sun. Despite their fur the animals are just as vulnerable to the harmful UVA and UVB rays as humans. It is just as painful to be sunburned - And their risk of skin cances is high.

KovaLine UV Protect 30 is extremely effective and repellent, so the horses can graze and the dogs and cats can use their snout in the ground and still be protected - Even after a swim in the ocean.
KovaLine UV Protect 30 contains pharmaceutical grade oils, waxes and titanium dioxide (natural mineral). It is an unique physical barrrier for the harmful UV rays.

It is only necessary to apply maximum once a day. It is that effective!


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KL UV Protect 30

KovaLine UV Protect 30 is a softening Ointment particularly suitable for muzzles, snouts, nose, tip of the ears, dry areas, e.g. on scabs, dry skin and on surgical scars. Wound and scars is protected in the sun and softens and heals nicely. 150ml