Horses - Wounds and scratches

Wounds and scratches

Horses - Wounds and scratches

For wounds and larger scratches we recommend that you wash the area once a day in KovaLine Care solution. Wash the area with a washcloth, wipe with a clean towel and let it air dry.

KovaLine Care solution is available in both concentrated, mix it 1:10 with water or use our ready to use version.

Around eyes and ears use KovaLine Wipes as it is easier to control.

In wound healing, you get through 3 stages. During these stages, it is conclusive to clean, remove dead skin cells and care the skin so the new healthy skin has the best conditions.

Why use KovaLine?
KovaLine cleans, exfoliates and cares in the same process. The combination of cleansing and care unbalanced skin provides an effective symptom treatment against eczema, fungus, mane and tail / itching, wounds, scratches and dry / scaly skin.

If the wound is large / deep, it may need medical attention. Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

All KovaLine products are free of perfume and preservatives.


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KL Wipes

KovaLine Wipes 100 pcs. Ready to use.

 KovaLine Wipes contains our KovaLine Caresoap Ready to Use.
 Cleans, peels and cares in the same process. Simple to use and easier to wash the infected areas.