Horses - Wounds and scratches

Wounds and scratches

Horses - Wounds and scratches


For wounds and tears on horses, we recommend that you wash the infected area at least once daily in KovaLine Care in a usage solution 1:10 on a foam napkin, then allow the area to air dry.

Then wipe the washed area with a clean and dry towel with the hairs, the washed area must air dry and you should NOT rinse it clean with water.

If there are sores and tears around the eyes and ears use any. KovaLine Wipes.

Why use KovaLine?

KovaLine both cleans, peels, cares and gives a healing effect. This combination of cleansing and healing of congested skin provides an effective symptom treatment for eczema, fungus, red paws, hot spot and dry skin.

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KovaLine Wipes RTU

Price DKK151.20

KovaLine Wipes 100 pcs. Ready to use.

KovaLine contains our KovaLine Caresoap Ready to Use.
Cleans, peels and cares in the same process. Simple to use and easier to wash the infected areas.

KovaLine Care 250

Price DKK151.20

KovaLine Caresoap 250 ml is to be mixed 1:10 with water and gives merged 2,5 l. Suitable for treatments in a longer period. KovaLine Caresoap cleans, peels and cares in one and the same process.

KovaLine OW 300

Price DKK255.20

KovaLine OW is a unique combination of Oil and wax. KovaLine Ointment is a softening Ointment particularly suitable for clean dry areas, e.g. on scabs, dry skin and on surgical scars. Wound and scars softens and heals nicely. Can be antipruritic.