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Mane & tail itch

Mane and tail itch can occur for a variety of reasons. Typical symptom is that the horse rubs and loses hair locally.

For the treatment of mane and tail itch, we recommend that you wash the affected area with KovaLine Care solution. You can use our concentrated soap that you mix 1:10 with water, or with our KovaLine Ready to use solution.
Wipe the washed area with a clean dry towel and let it dry. Proceed once a day until the skin is in balance.

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If the treatment does not have an effect within 2-4 weeks, contact your veterinarian. The vet will also be able to clarify the reason why your horse is itching. For example, if it is mites, louse or worm, then your horse needs another treatment.

Why use KovaLine?
KovaLine cleans, exfoliates and care in the same process. The combination of cleansing and care on unbalanced skin provides an effective symptom treatment against eczema, fungus, mane and tail / itch, wounds, scratches and dry/scaly skin.

KovaLine is free of perfume and preservatives.


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