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KovaLine Products for Hotspot.

What is Hotspot and why does it occur?
Hotspot is a painful skin inflammation in animals that most often occurs when it is hot and humid.
It usually starts with a spot in the fur the size of a walnut, where the fur sticks together due to the inflammation.

For the treatment of Hotspot we recommend that you cut the fur in the whole area preferably 1-2 cm. extra where there is no visible hotspot.
Thereafter the affected area is washed once a day with one of our KovaLine care solutions. It is one of the following 3 products:
- KovaLine Care, concentrated mix it 1:10 with water.
- KovaLine Ready To Use, Care solution that is already mixed and ready.
- KovaLine Wipes, which are Ready to use Care Wipes.

Gently dry with a towel afterwards. Let it dry.

If in doubt, contact your veterinarian. further medical treatment may be necessary.

Why use KovaLine?
KovaLine cleans, exfoliates, and cares in the same process. This combination of cleansing and healing of unbalanced skin provides an effective symptom treatment against eczema, fungus, red paws, hot spot and dry/scaly skin.

KovaLine is free of perfume and preservatives.


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KL Wipes

KovaLine Wipes 100 pcs. Ready to use.

 KovaLine Wipes contains our KovaLine Caresoap Ready to Use.
 Cleans, peels and cares in the same process. Simple to use and easier to wash the infected areas.