Wounds and scratches

Wounds and scratches

Wounds and scratches

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KovaLine RTU500 Spray

Price DKK143.20

KovaLine Ready to use 500ml. KovaLine RTU is our ready to use caresoap. Pour RTU on a foam washcloth and wash the area.
 RTU is similar to the concentrated KovaLine caresoap - The difference is that RTU is mixed for you in advance. KovaLine RTU peels, cleans and cares in the same process.
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KovaLine OW150

Price DKK167.20

KovaLine OW is a unique combination of Oil and wax. KovaLine Ointment is a softening Ointment particularly suitable for clean dry areas, e.g. on scabs, dry skin and on surgical scars. Wound and scars softens and heals nicely. Can be antipruritic.Further information