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Skin folds / ear

Treatment of skin folds
KovaLine recommends using KovaLine Wipes - Wash the skin folds, after a few minutes dry it with a clean towel.

KovaLine Wipes are recommended for cleaning the outer ear, for removing dirt and earwax. However, be aware of whether your dog has a more severe ear disease. In case of doubt, you should consult a veterinarian.

Use KovaLine Wipes once a day until the skin is in balance.

Why use KovaLine?
KovaLine cleans, exfoliates and care in the same process. The combination of cleansing and care of unbalanced skin is an effective symptom treatment against eczema, fungus, red paws, hot spot and dry/scaly skin.

KovaLine is free of perfume and preservatives.


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