Demodex - KovaLine Skin Care


Treatment of smelly skin, oily skin, black bug and demodex.
We recommend KovaLine Care, a concentrated care solution, as follows:

DAY 1:
Wet the dog
Wash the dog with KovaLine Care concentrated (do not mix it with water)
Rinse with water
Dry the dog with the hair

Wet the dog
Wash the dog locally with KovaLine Care, 1:10 mixed with water, in a bowl
Do not rinse off

Dry with a clean towel.

Why use KovaLine?
KovaLine cleans, exfoliates and care in the same process. The combination of cleansing and care on unbalanced skin provides an effective symptom treatment against eczema, fungus, red paws, hot spot and dry/scaly skin.

If the condition does not improve after 2 weeks or if in doubt, consult your veterinarian.

KovaLine is free of perfume and preservatives.


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KovaLine Care 250

Price kr151.20

KovaLine Caresoap 250 ml is to be mixed 1:10 with water and gives merged 2,5 l. Suitable for treatments in a longer period. KovaLine Caresoap cleans, peels and cares in one and the same process.