Chin eczema & ears - KovaLine Skin Care

Chin eczema & ears

Chin eczema and irritation in ears.

KovaLine Care solution cleans, peels away dead skin cells and leaves a nourishing membrane. For cats, we recommend using KovaLine Ready to use once a day, on a disposable washcloth or our Wipes with the same solution. Continue the treatment once a day until the skin is in balance.

Importantly, when cleaning / washing the ear, do not pour the solution into the ear canal. Before washing in the outer ear, it must be clarified whether there is a hole in the eardrum.

If in doubt, contact your veterinarian.

KovaLine is free of perfume and preservatives.


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KovaLine Wipes RTU

Price kr151.20

KovaLine Wipes 100 pcs. Ready to use.

KovaLine contains our KovaLine Caresoap Ready to Use.
Cleans, peels and cares in the same process. Simple to use and easier to wash the infected areas.

KovaLine RTU250 Spray

Price kr79.20

KovaLine Ready to use 250 ml. KovaLine RTU is our ready to use caresoap. Pour RTU on a foam washcloth and wash the area.
 RTU is similar to the concentrated KovaLine caresoap - The difference is that RTU is mixed for you in advance. KovaLine RTU peels, cleans and cares in the same process.
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KovaLine Care 250

Price kr151.20

KovaLine Caresoap 250 ml is to be mixed 1:10 with water and gives merged 2,5 l. Suitable for treatments in a longer period. KovaLine Caresoap cleans, peels and cares in one and the same process.