Dry hands - Effective care with KovaLine Human

Dry hands

Dry hands, rough skin, scaly skin, cracks or hard skin on the hands? Then your hands need loving care, without water, perfume and preservatives.

For dry hands we recommend the following 2 ointments.

1: KovaLine Instant Intensive Hand Care - Quickly absorbent and intensive moisturizing. Contains pharmaceutical grade oil, golden drops from the Danish rapeseed fields (rich in vitamin B) and beeswax. 50 ml.

2: KovaLine Human Ointment - Extra oily in use. It is gradually absorbed in minutes. Contains pharmaceutical grade oil and beeswax. 150 ml.

Both ointments are extremely effective for dry hands.
For very frequent hand washing and sanitizing, where it is important to be able to use your hands immediately, we recommend using KovaLine Instant Intensive Hand Care as it absorbs quickly and provides instant moisture.

KovaLine is free of perfume and preservatives.


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