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Delicate & Sensitive

Do you have delicate and sensitive skin on your hands?
Eczema, atopic skin disorders etc. makes hands extremely exposed. Therefore, daily gentle care with effective ingredients FREE of water, perfume and preservatives is necessary.

For Delicate & Sensitive skin we recommend:
KovaLine Human + ointment - It contains pharmaceutical grade oil, salts with minerals and beeswax. It has proven particularly effective and soothing on delicate and sensitive skin, in daily use. 150 ml.

KovaLine is free of perfume and preservatives.


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KL Human+ Ointment

Ointment produced in unique combination of special oils, waxes and essential salts containing nutrient rich minerals. This combination nourishes and soothes irritated skin and provides the skin with essential care. Can be antipruritic and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
 Particularly suitable for dry and/or irritated skin.Further information