Blog on KovaLine

Blog on KovaLine

Blog on KovaLine
If you are having a really good or lovely experience with KovaLine // KL Human products, we would like to be able to show your result and tell your story.

In order to do the best, we ask you to tell us a little about:

     The reason you chose KovaLine // KL Human
     How life was before
     How you have used the products
     How has life been after?
     And most importantly: show off with pictures

Best results are if you can take pictures under roughly the same terms: time of day, placement in sunny or artificial light, and as clearly as possible, so it can not be doubted whether it's your animal, arm or leg. We are all critical, and that's why new users may find it difficult to believe their own eyes, but we certainly hope that you will give your experience.

... then you're making life easier for someone who has the same experiences - BEFORE KovaLine // KL Human!