The story behind KovaLine

The story behind KovaLine

The story behind KovaLine

The year is 2001. Jesper has an OX Arabian horse, Bonito, who started out with a huge wound that developed into granulation scar tissue.
The Vet was over and the daily treatment Jesper had to give Bonito was incredibly painful and not exactly skin friendly.

Sheep breeders in New Zealand
Jesper watched a television program about sheep breeders in New Zealand.
When the sheep breeders cut the wool from the sheep, they very often cut their own hands, but quickly healed up as they stood with their hands in the natural lanolin, which is a fat in the wool from the sheep.
Jesper brewed on that thought He went out and bought raw materials that had both a nurturing, healing and purifying property, hoping that it could help Bonito and make it less painful for him.

Destroyed mom's kitchen pots
Jesper stood in his mother's kitchen, with raw materials, no recipe and a desperate desire to make a product that could help Bonito.
Jesper's first attempt did not go as planned. But suddenly it was there - He only had approx. 2 hours from it was made, until it parted completely, so he had to work fast, every single day.
Bonito gradually became very cooperative as the treatment did not hurt and there was visible improvement day by day.
Jesper's mother lost several pots at that expense.

The first product was created in 2003
Jesper, along with some ambitious friends, found Jesper's idea for a care product interesting.
They had the resources to start it, and Jesper had the knowledge and ideas.
The very first care product was created, based on Jesper's horse Bonito, and Jesper's idea.
Jesper sold the product to veterinarians in Denmark.

The car accident
March 8, 2005 Jesper was hit in the side at 80-100 km./h. Fortunately with his life and a reasonable level of function still, but definitely with permanent and painful injuries.
In a very short time Jesper lost everything.
The mother of Jespers son left him. He stood without a roof over his head. A totally damaged car, and worse still, the collaboration on the first product stopped completely, so suddenly there was no income either.

The dream of making a difference
Jesper got a part time job in a nursing home where he took care of the elderly and help them with technical and craft things.
Jesper, however, still did not feel that he could let go of his dream of making a difference for the animals.
His friend Kim had heard so much about Jesper's vision that he pushed him a little each time they met. They talked about the pros / cons and what's the worst that could happen?

What we have not mentioned is that Jesper found his love in 2006. They, Jesper and Kristina got married in 2009.

Jesper told about the idea to Kristina, her only response was “Do it! We have nothing to lose! ”

Kova-Line was the name
Back in 1998, Jesper owned an OX Arabian stallion named Kova.
Unfortunately, Jesper had to sell him for unfortunate reasons. Jesper regretted this sale every single day!
For the same reason he tried to buy him back, unsuccessfully.
Therefore, the name of the product was Kova-Line.
Kim and Jesper found some collaborators, and in February 2013, the chemical engineer started the first tests of KovaLine, based on Jesper's knowledge and ideas. In the meantime Jesper and Kristina's good “IT-nerd” friends, Bettina & Christian started making websites, designs and more.
After more than a year of tests etc. among veterinarians and specialists, KovaLine was ready to help all animals with skin problems.

The love for animals evolved
More and more pet owners reported that KovaLine had helped with their own skin problems.
Again Jesper began to work on ideas, for human too.
He got a basic Human series, on which there was really great feedback from people with eczema and other skin irritations.
Psoriasis patients also addressed the fact that it made a big difference to the itching, burning and dryness of the skin.
Jesper thought about it a little more and therefore created the KovaLine Human+ series, which contains salts with minerals.

Today Jesper lives with his wife Kristina, their 3 children, 6 Arabian horses, dog and cat.
What’s amazing is that Jesper got Kova back in 2016. Kova is enjoying his life as a stallion he lives, eats and sleeps with his wife.

That was the whole story behind KovaLine.
- An inspiring soul who wants to make a difference.

Picture: Jesper and Bonito 2001

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