Become a KovaLine reseller

Do you want to be a part of our fantastic reseller network in KovaLine?
Are you registered with a VAT number and have a store or clinic?

KovaLine are effective and gentle products, developed to make a difference for you and your animals.

Our ingredients are carefully selected according to what we consider to be the best for you and your animal. That is why we use natural ingredients when it is the best alternative. We also have pharmaceutical grade ingredients as we know it has the best effect with minimum or no proven allergens.
In addition, some of our ingredients are organic.
Everything is produced in Denmark and all ingredients are EU approved.

Our packaging is in recyclable plastic and PVC-free. If it is sorted correctly, it can be melted and recycled into new packaging.
Once the product is used, you can clean the empty packaging and reuse it at home, with a clear conscience.

These active choices about nature, the environment, efficiency, allergens and health help to ensure that you get the absolute best products for you and your animals.

100% Danish owned, Danish developed and Danish produced!

If KovaLine is the right choice for you and your store / clinic, send us an email at mrk. KovaLine reseller inquiry.
Write about your store / clinic and contact information.

Kind regards
Jesper Hyldegaard - Owner of KovaLine