About KovaLine

Why use KovaLine?

KovaLine is a new natural product targeted for the treatment of skin problems that we see in our pets. Vets has chosen to use this product in their clinics because the treatment behind the technology supports the philosophy to always strive to provide our pets with the safest and most effective treatments. We constantly look for alternative products that will reduce the usage of antibiotics, steroids and strong chemicals. Our products has to be effective in healing of and maintaining healthy skin.

Why use KovaLine?

With KovaLine we have both a peeling and a healing effect. This combination of cleansing and healing is an effective treatment against exema, fungus, red paws, hot spots, and dry skin. KovaLine is a natural alternative to antibiotics and steroids that traditionally have been used for these ailments. In cases of severe skin conditions, always consult with your vet as some cases may require more aggressive or conventional treatments.

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