KovaLine UV Protect 30 with the same high quality as our OW Ointment but containing protection against sunburns

KL UV Protect 30

KovaLine UV Protect 30 is a softening Ointment particularly suitable for muzzles, snouts, nose, tip of the ears, dry areas, e.g. on scabs, dry skin and on surgical scars. Wound and scars is protected in the sun and softens and heals nicely.


KovaLine UV Protect 30

It is very water repellent so the horses can graze, the dogs and cats can use their snout etc. KovaLine UV Protect 30 is a unique combination of Oil, wax and Titanium dioxide. Can be antipruritic.

Application use: Apply KovaLine UV Protect 30 on the muzzle, snout, nose, tip of the ears, Scabs, dry skin, corner of the mouth on small animals and horses, to protect them against the sun. It leaves a white/bright film on the skin.

KovaLine UV Protect 30 is similar to our KovaLine OW Ointment - Only difference is that KovaLine UV Protect 30 is protecting the animals against the sun. 

No conflict with the FEI and DTC's list of prohibited ingredients.

Our consumers is using this product with good experience for:
   Small animals (dog, cat, rodents, poultry):
   Itch/dry skin
   Scabs - dry
   Scars/Surgical scars

   Horses and production animals:
   Itch/dry skin
   Scabs - dry
   Scars/Surgical scars

Ingredients: Purified oil, wax mixture of Pharmaceutical grade and Titanium dioxide.

Durability: Minimum 2 years after production date.

KL UV Protect

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