KovaLine - Protection solaire naturelle

Protection solaire

It is important to protect our animals in the sun. Despite their fur, the animals are just as vulnerable to the harmful UVA and UVB rays as humans.
Their risk of skin cancer is high.
In Denmark, cancer is the most frequent cause of death in dogs and cats.

The typical cancers in dog / cat:
1: Lymph cancer
2: Skin cancer
3: Milk gland cancer

KovaLine UV Protect 30 - Natural sun protection for your best friend.

KovaLine UV Protect 30 contains pharmaceutical grade oils, waxes and titanium dioxide (natural mineral).
It is a physical layer that provides optimal protection against the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Extremely effiective and water repellent, so horses can graze, the dog can swim in the ocean - and still be protected.
It is so effective that you only have to use it maximum once a day.

KovaLine is free of perfume and preservatives.


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KovaLine UV Protect 30

Prix 183,20 kr

KovaLine UV Protect 30 est une pommade adoucissante particulièrement adaptée aux museau, nez, pointe des oreilles, zones sèches et propres, par exemple. sur les croûtes, la peau sèche et les cicatrices chirurgicales. La croûtes et les cicatrices sont protégées au soleil et adoucissent et guérissent bien.